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Why are my commits not verified?

Why are my commits not verified?

TL;DR: Check your repo’s config for, which will override your global config.

I was working on a project the code for which is in GitHub and saw in my pull request something I hadn’t seen before (or at least hadn’t noticed). It said “Unverified” in a bronze color inside a outlined pill on the line associated with each commit.

I started looking around, and learned that it had to do with the email associated with the commit. This page tells the story:

Of course, I needed to check my git config. I’m on a Mac, so it was


The email address there was correct, though.

Then, I checked the repo directory itself:


And there it was:

        name = Christian Burk
        email =

Once I changed the address in the my-repo/.git/config to the correct one and added one of my already loaded keys as a signing key:

Susquent commits were verified.

How did my global and local git configs get out of whack? I really don’t know. But now they are in whack once more.